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The primary objective of the Acker Finley Select Canada Focus Fund is to generate strong capital growth over the long term by systematically investing in, and regularly rebalancing, a portfolio of the stocks we calculate to be the most undervalued among the 100 largest in the TSX Composite index.

The strategy is bottom-up and active. Holdings are selected on individual merits, then objectively added or removed from the portfolio as prices and valuations change. The strategy invests in a portfolio of between 20 and 30 large-capitalization stocks.

Investment Process

  • The investment process is based on stock prices’ tendency to mean revert over time – that is, to return ultimately to a valuation that is more in line with the stock’s fundamental worth. By systematically investing in the most undervalued stocks in the market, the fund can be positioned for maximum gains while reducing risk.
  • The primary measure of value is the Model Price, Acker Finley’s proprietary measure of how much each stock is worth.
  • Half of the fund’s assets are invested equally among the 20 stocks with the greatest upside to Model Price among the 50 largest stocks in the TSX Composite. The other half is constructed in two steps. First, we select the 50 stocks of the largest 100 in the TSX Composite with the most upside to Model Price. From this sub-group of 50 stocks, the 10 with the best earnings revision scores are included in the portfolio. These are the 10 large, “cheap” stocks with the best short-term earnings momentum in the index.

  • Holdings are refreshed and rebalanced monthly – to benefit from long-term increases in value as well as short- and medium-term mean reversion gains that add significantly to returns.

1 Units of the fund are available to residents of any province of Canada except for the provinces of Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador. For investors who qualify under the Accredited Investor Exemption the minimum purchase is $500. For investors purchasing under the Minimum Amount Exemption (not available to individuals) the minimum is $150,000.

2 Sales charges are negotiated between you and your investment dealer. There is no sales fee for units purchased in accounts held at Acker Finley.